With outdoor flooring, increasing the durability of your floors is often the primary concern. Most outdoor floors are usually made from asphalt, wood or concrete. While these may seem durable on the surface, they are surprisingly susceptible to sensitive to dirt, debris, and moisture and may become damaged. Repairing the damage to these surfaces from cracks is often so expensive that you might as well replace the entire floor surface.

However, there is something that you can do to protect these surfaces. Installing outdoor floor mats over your outdoor flooring can provide a tough barrier of protection from abrasive physical objects and heavy foot traffic. Additionally, the rubber mats have the ability to resist damage from rain, UV rays, and other harsh conditions. Here are the ways in which large outdoor mats can protect your outdoor floors.



Anti Slip Outdoor Mats

Anti slip safety is essential when it comes to outdoor floor surfaces that naturally lack these properties. These days, outdoor mats are a highly sought after, eco-friendly solution for dealing with this problem. With traction enhancing features, people standing on outdoor mats are much less likely to slip and fall as compared to standing on the bare surfaces themselves.

In addition, outdoor doormats can go a long way to improve the aesthetic look of your business. At Allway Matting, we offer anti-fatigue mat and outdoor matting in a variety of colour options and styles to help you find the right solution at an affordable price.

Stop the Formation of Mould

Mould is a common byproduct of excess moisture. When water is left to settle in puddles in your outdoor flooring and doesn’t have the opportunity to properly drain overtime, it is very likely that mould will start to form in cracks or gaps in your outdoor flooring. In addition to the health hazard that mould creates, mould and mildew can also cause discolouration of your outdoor floors, which is why you should use rubber matting to prevent the build up of water after it rains.


Outdoor mats are made from materials like rubber which offer unique comfort and cushioning. When people stand on hard surfaces like wood or concrete, there is no elasticity within these materials to relieve tension.

As a result, they can experience uncomfortable buildups of pressure in the lower back, knees, ankles, and feet, which can lead to musculoskeletal disorders. If you regularly receive guests or workers need to perform work outdoors, installing outdoor doormat and large outdoor mats can provide much needed relief for them.

Don’t let your outdoor areas go unprotected. Chances are these outdoor areas have already experienced some level of damage. To better protect your property, outdoor mats are an efficient and affordable solution. Install outdoor mat and outdoor door mat options to protect your outdoor flooring year-round.

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