If you are considering installing carpet tiles, there are many reasons why carpet tiles offer a better solution over broadloom carpet. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should opt for carpet tile for your floors.

Easy to Clean and Replace

Carpet tiles are a lot easier to clean that broadloom carpet. Broadloom carpet costs more because it roughly once a month, you’ll need to do a deep clean on the carpet, which can be costly. Carpet tiles are also easier to replace if they become damaged. For example, if there is a spill, you can just replace the affected tiles rather than having the replace the entire carpet.

Easy to Install

Carpet tiles are easier and faster to install than broadloom carpet. In comparison to broadloom carpet, carpet tiles take about 20 percent less time to install. The reason is that carpet tiles come in boxes so that they can be easily transported to and from the installation site.




In contrast, a roll of carpet needs to fit through door openings which can create unnecessary hassle. Carpet tile is also easier to install in rooms that aren’t a standard size because you can cut them to fit the shape of the room with less risk of major errors as compared to cutting a roll of carpet.

Less Waste

Most people think that old carpet should just be thrown away. However, carpet tiles can actually be recycled into other products. Recycled carpet tiles can be turned into plastic car parts, medical equipment, and even brand new carpet. If you want to lower the carbon footprint of your business, carpet tiles offer a more eco-friendly solution. In addition, you can also stop carpet from ending up in landfills where so much of it already does each year.


If you want flexibility when it comes to the design of the carpet for your facility, carpet tile gives you greater creative freedom. In addition to the colour options that are available, carpet tile can also be placed wherever you want them to go. You can create your own designs, such as checkerboard, ombre and stripe patterns. In addition, you can also test out your design ideas before you commit to them because you can rearrange the carpet tiles on site rather than having to order the design already made.


Carpet tiles may cost more than broadloom carpet initially. However, it is designed to last twice as long as broadloom carpet. While broadloom carpet only lasts for up to 10 years, carpet tiles may last as long as 17 years. In addition, when you place carpet tile or gym tiles bunnings, you also don’t have to pay for padding because every carpet tile has its own backing. Finally, as already mentioned, carpet tiles are also cheaper to install.

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