Quality gym flooring helps protect you, your equipment and your clients from harm.
Whatever activities your gym specialises in — from Olympic weightlifting to yoga to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu — we’ve got you covered.

Our commercial rubber gym tiles are a smart choice for any personal training studio, gym or home as they use recycled material and are made with low-odour rubber and non-toxic binders. We stock options with the shock absorption needed to protect equipment in free weights and Olympic weightlifting areas.

All of the jigsaw mats, or martial arts mats, that we offer are durable, washable and made in double-sided reversible colour schemes. There are varieties suited to stand-up martial arts such as karate and take-down sports like judo.

Yoga enthusiasts will love our durable yoga mats, which are comfy, easy to transport and great for indoor and outdoor use.

The full Allway Matting range is also available online, ready for quick delivery Australia-wide.