Anti Fatigue mats can save your company money and increase productivity, click here to read how.

Benefits of mats for long standing areas

Anti Fatigue Mat like our well known Supercomfort Mat ™ are designed for environments where prolonged standing is required. There are plenty of benefits to anti fatigue matting, Such as:

  • Reduce pain and or also discomfort
  • Reduce sick leave and or compensation costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce OH&S Risks

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Anti-fatigue mats, comfort mats, bunnings outdoor doormats and flooring Melbourne, continue to grown in popularity in commercials environments. This is due to significant increase in productivity.

Comfort mats and Anti-Fatigue Mat can be used in several areas Such as:

  • Reception Desk
  • Production Lines
  • Stand up desk areas
  • Long standing areas
  • Packaging lines
  • Pro-Longed Standing areas.

Are your staff required to stand for long periods of time? If so, you need to make anti fatigue matting a key consideration of your business.

Where prolonged standing at workbenches, workstations or desks is required, an anti fatigue mat can form a key element of OHS risk prevention strategies in the workplace.

The unique design of fatigue mats help to alleviate physical fatigue in the feet, legs, back, neck and shoulders. Anti fatigue floor mats can help to prevent pain and injury sustained from prolonged standing on hard surfaces, issues which can cause workers to require lots of time off work.

At Allway Matting we have the largest range of anti-fatigue mat in Australia for all different applications and sectors. These Include:

Anti Fatigue Mat for Commercial Kitchens
Fatigue mats for kitchen areas and food preparation areas can reduce physical fatigue and ensure staff can remain as productive as possible.

Anti Fatigue Mats for Airports
Long conveyors belts require longstanding areas over large distances. Allway Matting has worked with a number of airports to come up with the best solutions for comfort mats for airports.

Anti Fatigue Mats for Shopping centres

Cash registers and service desks require staff to stand behind up to 8 hours per day. This takes a large toll on the body. Comfort mats help decrease the stress on the body increasing productivity.

Anti Fatigue Mats for dispatch areas

Long production and dispatch areas in warehouses not only require long standing periods but also have cold floors. This increases the risk of fatigue, our industrial anti-fatigue mat range will decrease fatigue and increase productivity.

Different Types of anti-fatigue mats and comfort mats.

There are several different types of anti-fatigue matting, including:

Industrial anti fatigue mats

Reduce fatigue, absentees, costs, accidents and improve employee productiveness by installing industrial anti fatigue mats in the workplace.

Allway Matting
Trust the custom matting experts with over 25 year’s industry experience. Whether you require Bubble mats, Fancy anti-fatigue mats, stylish anti-fatigue mats, industrial anti-fatigue mats or custom anti-fatigue mats we can help you. All our mats meet any safety, durability and protective requirements.

If you’re looking for quality and affordable Anti Fatigue Mats. Allway Matting is the number 1 supplier. We offer one of the largest range of anti fatigue mats and flooring in Australia. We have the experience and expertise to provide advice on the best solution to meet your needs.