Anti Slip Mats

Anti slip mats help prevent slip, trip and fall accidents in your workplace or public space minimising the chances of compensation cost or injury in your workplace. With a suitable Anti Slip Mat solution employees and customers feel safe and are more likely to use the space. Our range includes suitable options for indoor or outdoor applications matting that will withstand grease, fats, oils & chemicals and solutions for use in areas with excessive moisture or water.

There are several Areas that need anti-slip mats and allway matting have a solution for all of them including:

Safety mats for freezers
Anti slip mats for pools
Anti slip mats for grease and oily areas
Slip free mats for outdoor
Non slip mats for icy areas
Anti-slip Mats for snow

Allway Matting have all your safety and non slip mats you require. Call us today on 1300 255 929 to speak to a matting specialist.