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How to choose the correct entrance mats.......

How to choose the correct entrance mats.......

How to choose the correct entrance mats.......

Entrance mats are a vital necessity in the every day maintenance of buildings, shopping centres, houses and businesses. How do I choose the correct product for my needs. 

Entrance matting is required for two reasons, absorb moisture or  capture dirt, dust or sand.

 Rubber matting like the Multiguard 220 is the best suited entrance mat to capture sand and dirt whilst the Entrano Premier range is a perfect product to absorb moisture due to its fine polypropylene fiber.

Ideally it is best to have a primary rubber mat at the entrance on the external side to capture the dirt and sand and then when you enter through the entrance step in a fibre entrance mat to absorb the moisture. This is the ideal situation.  Is this solution is not possible the best solution is to go with a heavy duty fibre mat that has a large course pattern to allow for the dirt and moisture to be captured like the Entrano Premier Rollstock 296.  Its large herringbone pattern allows for dirt and sand to be captured in the flow point whilst the moisture is captured on the raised pattern and flows to the low points to evaporate.

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