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Build Your Image With The Moti-Mat 215

Build Your Image With The Moti-Mat 215

Build your image with the Moti-Mat 215……

There are always endless means to help promote your brand & brand. Allway Matting has just released the new Moti-Mat, a heavy duty customised logo and branding mat that can be used in any heavy duty environment such as shopping centres, commercial building and public venues. Why have a mat that everyone else has, make your next mat unique to you. At Allway Matting we have the solution…. The Moti-Mat. Its heavy duty Entrano Premier Rollstock #296 fibre with heavy duty plush pile graphics is the ultimate solution for high traffic areas.

  • Cost effective
  • Rob and stain resistant
  • Customised design
  • Manufactured in Australia

Email the team at Allway Matting  and let us assist with your requirements, from design to delivery following complete customer satisfaction. 


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