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Anti Slip Ladder Rungs 483

Anti Slip ladder rung covers eliminate the risk of slips from ladders by increasing the surface area for fott contact and greatly increasing the friction coefficient and visibility. Severe weather, spillages and even immersion in vicious or cororsive fluids will not adversely affect the performance of the ladder rung cover or its life span.


Suitable for use in adverse conditions or areas where lubricants and moisture can cause a slip hazard on ladders.


  • 20mm
  • 25mm
  • 30mm


resized__100x75_Commercial resized__100x75_Industrial Offshore_2

Commercial              Industrial               Offshore


10 year warranty that this product will be:

  • resistant to wear under normal use and conditions
  •  resistant to degradation from surface exposure to solvents
  • resistant to corrosion provided that colorbond-based products are not installed in splash zones
  • resistant to delamination through thermal expansion inequities.
  • resistant to delamination through impact for the immediate impact zone.

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