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Tread Grip 430


  • An easily applied anti-slip rubberised texture paint.
  • Non-abrasive.
  • Available in 12 popular colours in a matt finish.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Covers hair line cracks.
  • Durable.
  • 1 litre covers 6m2 in approximately one coat.
  • Available in 1ltr, 4ltr and 10ltr cans.
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Colours available are ferric, midnight, forest, canvas, moss, sunburst, white, fudge, clay, steel, sand and storm.


Tread Grip is ideal for slippery concrete surface. This product can be easily applied and may require a primer depending on the surface. Its rubber granules give great traction. Tread Grip is commonly used on concrete or timber entrance areas and ramps.


  • 1ltr
  • 4ltr
  • 10ltr

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