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Entrano Classic Mat 200

Colour Range:

Entrano Classic 200 is a rubber reinforced raised moulded pattern designed to scrape dirt and moisture from shoes and keeping it below shoe level to keep it on the mat. The Entrano classic 200 is a hard wearing mat specifically designed for high traffic areas or carpet or hard surfaces.

Entrano Classic 200 mat comes with a long lasting rubber backing and border to keep the moisture and dirt inside the mat.

The durable polypropylene fibre is designed so it will not fade, rot and to dry extremely quickly

Features and Benefits

Rubber Backing High Quality rubber backing helps prevent the mat from slipping on flat slippery surfaces.

Course Fibres the Polypropylene fibres on the Classic 200 are tough and durable making them very course helping it scrape dirt and debris from the soles of shoes.

Solution Dyed this mat is solution dyed to eliminate any fading from direct sunlight.

Cleaning - save up to 65% on regular cleaning, dont remove the mat as dirt cannot drop through

Durable Polypropylene Fibre - will not fade, rot or stain and dries quickly

Easy to Clean - All you need to do is shake or vacuum to clean the mat.


Fibre and backing: Carpet: 100% Polypropylene Backing: heavy duty vinyl

UV rating: Excellent

Warranty: 1 year conditional

Weight: 4.2kg per m2

Thickness: 9mm->+1

Application: Entranceways with low to medium density foot traffic; shops, schools malls, hotels, offices, hospitals.

Colours: Charcoal, Bluestone, Brown. Evergreen, Grey, Red

Sizes: 0cm x 86cm, 86cm x 1.16m, 86cm x 1.47m, 1.14m x 1.72m, Rolls of 86cm x 6.04m, 1.14m x 6.04m, 1.8m x 6.04m also available per metre in 86cm wide, 114cm wide and 180cm wide.

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