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Supercomfort Mat 350


  • Uniquely designed suction cups that act as supports for air cushions and flexible texture of pure natural rubber, bring together buoyancy and superb comfort not found in any other rubber mat.
  • Yellow safety bevelled edges
  • Natural rubber compound of SuperComfort mats provides excellent insulation against heat or cold off hard floors.
  • Raised dome design offers good slip resistance. Functionally effective suction cups underneath hold the mat firmly on the floor.
  • Highly visible, colourfast and integral (built-in) broad yellow ramps minimise tripping hazards.
  • Low profile domes of SuperComfort provides a more stable surface eliminating heel/feet roll-over hazards, while facilitating ease of turning, twisting and movement on the mat.
  • Easy cleaning & maintenance compared to other "bubble/dome" mats, the low profile domes of SuperComfort minimise collection of grime and dirt on mat.
  • Very easily cleaned with a mop.
  • High density rubber compound ensures quick drying and prevents bacterial and fungal growth. Resistant to all detergents and bleach etc.
  • Durable & economical
  • Better tensile strength and tear resistance compared to any other natural rubber anti-fatigue mat.
  • Excellent durability yielding long term cost savings.


SuperComfort is a great and cost effective anti-fatigue mat. Extremely suitable to areas exposed to high wear and tear, SuperComfort is ideal for packing benches, along production lines, at standing benches and service counters. This top of the range anti-fatigue mat has proven itself item and time again in outlasting all other similar products.


  • 900mm x 1.2m
  • 900mm wide runner
  • 1.2m wide runner

Special sizes available on request


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