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Link Mat Grease Resistant 341B


  • Interlocking - easy to assemble. Built in clip on connectors for multidirectional extensions, attachable ramps and corners to improve safety.
  • Grease and oil resistant.
  • Suitable for areas that need a continuous surface in different configurations.
  • Suitable for the catering industry in kitchens, restaurants and take-away outlets or greasy, oily manufacturing situations.
  • Easy to handle - light weight.
  • Good slip resistance, comfort for feet and legs and insulation from cold floors.
  • Optional yellow or black interlocking ramps.


Link Mat 341B is a great mat for use in large areas where a continuous surface is required in different configurations. It is commonly used in manufacturing and food processing facilities where a grease resistant mat is require with anti-fatigue properties


  • Tile 910mm x 910mm
  • Ramp 910mm x 65mm
  • Corner 160mm x 65mm

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