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Appearance Could Deceive – Read the Signs to change Your Commercial Mats before Your Customers Read Them

Appearance Could Deceive – Read the Signs to change Your Commercial Mats before Your Customers Read Them

Designing Office spaces requires taking all aspects into consideration. If you are looking at safety aspects, then 99% of the time, most people don't pay heed to a tiny but a crucial detail - commercial mats.

Most people consider commercial mats as a secondary addition that does not require much thought. If you have the same line of thought, then you couldn't be more mistaken. Commercial mats not add colour, but are significant safety aspect that needs to be kept in mind while designing or using any office.

Wear and Tear

One of the common mistakes that one commits is that ignoring the condition of their existing commercial mats. Given the fact that most mats are susceptible to wear and tear, it is necessary that you keep tabs on the conditions of all your commercial mats.

The obvious sign of overuse is that the corners start bending. For example, if you are using vinyl matting, you should become alert once you spot the signs of wear and tear. You need to either replace your mat immediately or buy a sustainable mat, which has more shelf life.


Most of us wait until the commercial mat starts tearing up or is covered in so much of dust that it becomes a stark contradiction to the well-designed office space, before even thinking of throwing it away.

This is only putting not only your employees and you at risk, but also increasing the chances of negative impression, if your guest unfortunately falls while stepping into your office, it will only leave you red-faced.

To avoid such an embarrassment, it is necessary that you invest carefully while buying commercial mats. It may sound like a simple thing do, but in reality, it requires expert knowledge to decide what type commercial mat is necessary for your office.

If you are a small set up, you should go for anti-slip mats which are quite popular from companies like Allway Matting, which specialise in providing everything from commercial mats to wheel chocks.

Commercial mats come in various types, depending on your requirements. These include entrance mats, which provide safety and weather protection to footfalls entering into the building.

For example, coir mats can absorb a lot of water. So during the rainy season, you can be rest assured that the tiles at the entrance and reception area do not have muddy marks. It also ensures that the people entering the lobby do not slip and fall due to the increasing wetness because of the weather conditions.

Enhance the Recreation Areas

If you have a gym in the office building, experts from Allway Matting would suggest anti-fatigue matting. One of the best features of this type of matting is that it can distress you.

Just stand on the anti-fatigue mat after you are done with your round exercising and you will realise that the pressure points on the mat help relieve the tension gathered in your body. If you are planning to buy commercial mats for your office building, then Allway Matting is your one stop solution.

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