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Discover How Entrance Matting Helps You in Creating Better Space

Discover How Entrance Matting Helps You in Creating Better Space

Most of us feel, ‘mats are mats and if we have seen a few, then we have seen them all’. Well, the truth is that, there is so much more to matting than what we think. Every mat is different and is created for a purpose. While some are specifically designed to reduce the external debris, the others are simply designed to achieve safer and cleaner environments. Well-designed entrance mats enhance the aesthetics of your space. They also minimize the dust and dirt that are frequently carried by your visitors.

It is not only your employees who bring dirt form outside, your visitors will also bring them along as they come. Right from tradespeople to delivery boys and cleaners anyone can carry dirt, mud, moisture and microbes into your space. Entrance mats help you in stopping these harmful elements from making their way into your space. Walk-off mats serve as first line of defense to keep your space clean. Today, there are a variety of floor mats available, which can be permanently fixed into your surrounding floor coverings. Such mats create a safer and cleaner environment that safeguards your employees. Another added advantage of entrance matting is increased floor durability. They absorb most of the initial abuse, which would otherwise decrease the usable life of your floor.

Here are a few reasons that make any home or business owner look out for an appropriate entrance matting system.

Simple yet Functional

Entrance mats are a simple way to halt dirt and grime at your entrance. They are simple and are available in functional designs. Without mats, dirt gets trapped in the buildings. Trapped dirt later cause scratches and damaged floors. Foot traffic further agitates the dirt and spreads it throughout the property. This dirt can later settle anywhere in the air ducts as well as the blinds.

Entrance mats present inside and outside your entrance serves as immediate defense for bad weather conditions. For example, inclement weather might quickly make your marble flooring subject to falls and slips. Slippery conditions are potential liabilities. Although an open marble lobby looks stunning, safety comes first.

Protection of Interior Flooring

Ceramic tiles, terrazzo, granite, hardwood and marble are some of the popular floor covering options preferred by commercial building owners. They also make a valuable investment for the property owners and managers. Tracked in moisture and dirt, these valuable floorings develop scuffs scratches, staining and marks on interior floor surfaces. However, using entrance matting will eliminate such damaging particles from the undersides of the shoes of your visitors. Therefore, they will be eliminated before they reach the interior flooring. This helps you in prolonging the beauty and new appearance of your floors.

Reduced Interior Floor Maintenance

Studies support that, more than 80% of debris and dirt are tracked at the bottom of the shoes. Therefore, having even 16 feet of linear matting will reduce 75% of the dust, dirt and moisture from making their way into your building. This reduces the overall costs of interior maintenance. If you have space for 30 feet of linear matting, this ensures that every foot of matting contacts the matting almost 6 times to eliminate all the dirt.

Making a Clean First Impression

A clean first impression can only be built when you choose a right blend of products for your entrance mat materials. Foot grille products make a great choice to scrape out dirt and keep it out plain. This helps you to create a clean image and a perfect picture of your passage. Besides, entrance mats no longer have to be ugly or boring. As these mats are available in a variety of hues and textures, you can pick the one that best complements your premises or the décor of your office. Today, you can even get your entrance mats customized, with the name of your brand on it. This helps you in making a distinct statement to all your customers who enter your premises.

Apart from entrance, having a walk-off mat in front of every door will serve as a line of defense that keeps your space cleaner. A good entrance mat is great for places with high regular foot traffic. Furthermore, the paybacks of a good entrance mat can be measured in your annual savings on cleaning costs. Entrance mats have also become a legal requirement, as these mats keep your entrances safe by reducing falls and slips. Some of the carpets are also designed to capture harmful air particles, thereby improving the overall air quality. Right from extending the functional life of your floor to serving as a first line of defense against dirt, entrance mats will make your home or office a better space.


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