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Entrance mats are Simple yet Functional

Simple yet Functional

Entrance mats are a simple way to halt dirt and grime at your entrance. They are simple and are available in functional designs. Without mats, dirt gets trapped in the buildings. Trapped dirt later cause scratches and damaged floors. Foot traffic further agitates the dirt and spreads it throughout the property. This dirt can later settle anywhere in the air ducts as well as the blinds.

Entrance mats present inside and outside your entrance serves as immediate defense for bad weather conditions. For example, inclement weather might quickly make your marble flooring subject to falls and slips. Slippery conditions are potential liabilities. Although an open marble lobby looks stunning, safety comes first.


Allway Matting can help you with Entrance Mats

At Allway Matting, we have a wide range of Entrance mats to match up to your specific needs. If you have any queries, get in touch with us today.
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